Our mission is to provide professional consultancy, implementation support, and education and training services:

To help our clients secure appropriate levels of asset reliability, availability and sustainability that support delivery of their strategic business objectives at acceptable levels of cost and risk.

Drawing on the experience of our consultants developed over the last 20 plus years supporting numerous industrial and commercial organisations the above mission is supported by appropriate application of the following fundamental key steps:

  1. Understand the relative importance of the physical assets that contribute to delivering business missions (Asset Categorisation) so that priority and rigour can be focussed.
  2. Understand current asset performance (asset health) and any gaps against business requirements
  3. Understand any potential threats to asset performance (asset health) over the required lifetime of the asset
  4. Address gaps in current performance and threats to future performance using early and cost-effective intervention wherever possible.
  5. Ensure that appropriate levels of asset performance and sustainability is built into asset investment initiatives – by design.

A Tailored Approach

ZUP Badura tailors the application of the above steps to individual clients drawing on pragmatic use of the following tools, techniques and processes depending on the nature and scale of the assistance required:

  • Proactive Maintenance Strategy development balancing preventative and run to maintenance approaches to maintain required levels of asset performance and availability at acceptable cost and risk.
  • Maintenance Strategy Development through pragmatic use of process including: FMECA (Failure Mode Effects and Criticality Analysis); RCM (Reliability Centred Maintenance); RAM (Reliability, Availability, Maintainability) modelling; SOA (Supportability Options Analysis); or structured review and improvement of an existing maintenance strategy.
  • Pragmatic application of equipment Condition Monitoring (CM) in support of a Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) approach where appropriate.
  • Effective Asset Condition Assessment supported by the identification, modelling and monitoring of Plant Ageing mechanisms.
  • Development of data requirements and data capture processes so that asset performance, condition, reliability and availability can be monitored and therefore managed.
  • Establishment of routine Asset Health Monitoring as a key enabler to understanding asset related risk and to improving Strategic Asset Management Decision Making
  • Appropriate use of OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) as a compound Key Performance Indicator (KPI) which indicates how effectively assets are maintained in an available state and can perform consistently and to required quality standards when demanded.
  • Establish visibility of the performance of Asset Health Management processes as leading indicators of future changes to Asset Health including:
    • Maintenance Strategy fitness for purpose and continuous improvement
    • Maintenance Delivery performance
    • Spares and Obsolescence Management
    • Single Point of Vulnerability (SPV) identification and mitigation 
  • Alignment of Asset Health Monitoring to System Engineering and a System Health Monitoring organisational approaches where appropriate. 

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