Equipment Reliability – System Health – Asset Management

ZUP Badura Ltd is a specialist company providing innovative consultancy, support, education and training to industry including organisations which operate in sensitive or hazardous environments.

Q1: Have you ever felt that the performance of your physical assets are poorly understood and that this is holding your business back?

Q2: Does making asset management decisions sometimes feel like a bit of a black art?

Q3: Is your organisation under pressure to cut costs within its asset management budget and unsure of how to deal with this?

Q4: Do you feel that your business sometimes makes asset investment decisions based on insufficient information about the current and potential future capability of existing assets and the risk that they really pose?

Q5: When engaged in asset investment projects do you feel confident that business requirements are understood and that the end result of the project will deliver those business requirements?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of questions 1 to 4 or ‘No’ to question 5 then ZUP Badura might be able to assist you by:

  • Simply helping you to improve the reliability, maintainability and hence availability of your most significant assets
  • Assisting you in implementing wider scale asset health monitoring regimes for your key assets to best safeguard delivery of your strategic business or asset management objectives.
  • Support asset investment projects by ensuring that asset performance requirements are clearly understood, targeted, predicted and verified as part of new design, manufacture, construction and commissioning phases of the project – and then monitored throughout subsequent life cycle phases.

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